Cady is new in the class and has no friends, at least not until she met Damien and Janis. They said she was wary of Regina who has a gang known as "plastics" bestog gang of three girls named: Gretchen and Karen, and as leader of Regina, Regina Gorge. Regina Gorge destroys all it says in all cases, Janis, Janis is Cady's best friend. But then one day when Cady comes down in the dining room and eat lunch with Janis and Damien as she walks past the plastics and the gang just as Komer Jason, Jason was Gretchen's old boyfriend who she broke up with, and asked three strange questions:

"Hello, may I ask some questions about your lunch habits?" Asks Jason

"Okay" Cady doubtful accounts

"Do you have butter on your muffin"



"You want someone to bre it for you?"

"Uh .... huh? "

When camp is regina in and says "he's annoying?" She asks Cady, Cady had time to respond before she started talking to Jason, "why are you so shitty Jason?" "You came to my party with Gretchen and now you run with people when we look at " 'she is not interested" and then she questions at once Cady "do you want to be with him?"

"No thanks" Cady respond quickly

"You see Jason, and stick straight up on his back," says Regina

Jason goes from there with a sad remember, I was just trying to be nice he thought.

Cady will continue and go to sit down with Janis and Damien, but is stopped by Regina who say

"Sit down"


Cady check the direction in which Janis and Damien are, Janis hints to her that she should come but then says Regina "I mean, seriously, sit down," she says, Cady sits down, why have not I sit fout? asks Regina

"I'm new, I am from Africa," she replies

"Huh?" Says Regina

"I trained at home"


"Mum taught me things at home .."

"Do you not think I get it? I mean, you have never attended a real school before? "

"No" says Cady, and begin to feel that this felt weird.

"Shut up, Shut up!" She says in surprise

"Eh ... no" says Cady very low so that she does not hear, and shrugged.

"Trained .... at home ... very interesting," says Regina

"Thank you"

"You are very pretty," says Regina

"Thank you" says Cady

"So you agree with?"

"Huh?" Says Cady surprised

"You also think you're cute?"

"I ................. do not know ... "she replies

Regina leave the topic of conversation.

And will look at Cady's arm and sees her bracelet that her mother did to her when they lived in Africa and asks "what nice bracelets, were did you get that?"

Cady says that her mom did it for her when we lived in Africa.

"Delicious" says Regina for a bracelet

"So fetch" interfering Gretchen into the conversation about the bracelet.

"What does it mean?" Regina asked in a tone that is heard over difficult to lose because she thought it was weird.

"It's slang. ... From england" she said a little hurt, but rapid

Regina just sits and is quiet while her friends get acquainted a bit with Cady.

Karen asks Cady

"Why are you white if you're from Africa?"

When resorting to Gretchen in and says

"God Karen you can not ask people why they are white!"

then it seems as if Regina thinks that his gang has familiarized himself with Cady so that it is enough and says to Cady:

"We talk ourselves for one second only?"

"Sure" she replies

while the whispers check Cady to Janis and Damien direction, Janis says quietly with your mouth "why are you sitting there?"

Cady shrugged and frowned.

When they whispered clearly says Regina

"What we do often, so it's a big thing"

Cady smiles

Gretchen says "you can have lunch with us the rest of the week

"AA is the lung ..." says Cady, but are quickly interrupted by Regina who say

"Good, see you tomorrow," said Regina

"On Wednesdays we wear pink" says Karen



When Cady told Janis and Damien skrattde Janis and said:

"You have to do it, then tells you exactly what Regina says!"

"Regina seems ... nice!

"It is she!" Screamed Janis She is a pig, she screwed up my life! "

"She is beautiful but evil," said Damien

"Why do you hate her?" Said Cady

"What do you mean?" Did Jānis

"You seem to hate her!" Said Cady

"Yes, but what was your question?"

"My question is why?"

"Regina spread a rumor that Janis ...."

Janis cut:

"Damien leave it, it has nothing to do with hate, I just wonder what they're talking about!"

"What, what are we talking about the" plastics "? "Asking Cady

"Haircare" exclaimed Janis

"Aston Kutcher" Discontinued Damien

"Is it a band?" Did Cady

When Janis said aloud:

"Please do it!"

then says Cady to Janis

"Okay, you have something pink?"

Janis then says "no!?!" display when Damien says "Yeah!"

Cady thought it was liberating to go to math class.

Cady is good at math nothing can disturb her but .... Aaron, Aaron ..... Cady has only been in love once we were five and he was called Nfume, it ended but now I got run over by a yellow school bus. He asked if Cady had a pen to lend.

It was she.

Miss had talked about a speech while Aaron asked about the pen, she said:

"What do you think Cady?"

"He was so cute!" Was the way Cady said, and I mean a negative n equals n plus 1 through 4th

"Right there was pretty good," said Snow's time to watch the lesson.

When Cady was home dad asked three questions:

"How did the second day?"

"Good" said Cady

"They were nice?"

"No," said Cady

"You got any friends?"

"Yes," said Cady


Cady liked to eat with "plastics" was like going into a girl's world - a girl world with lots of rules.

"New peak every day," said Gretchen, ponytail more than once a week .... and you apparently chose today she went a bit förfärat.Inga jeans except on Fridays. If you violate any of the rules, you will not have lunch with us, I mean not just you, but if any of us had jeans today, we had been sitting among art fools.

They check for artificial fools who are laying the ham over Damien.

"We are voting before we allow someone to eat with us," continues Gretchen. I mean it's not buy a skirt without asking his friends first!

"No?" Asks Cady bit surprised

"No, it applies to guys, you think you love someone, but you may be mistaken." Says Gretchen

Then call and cancel Regina says:

"120 calories of which 48 from fat" she says how many proucent is it?

Gretchen responds "48 Gemona 120?"

"I eat more than 30% from fat.


when Cady says:
"It is 40%. 48 by 120 is equal to x through the 100th and then multiply it in cross.

"It does not matter, I'll take fries Chesse" says Regina and go.

When Regina had asked Gretchen curious:

"Have you seen any cute guy than then?" She says

"There is one in math class," says Cady

"Who?" Says Karen

"A sistaårselev?" Says Gretchen

"Aaron Samuels."

"No no" says Gretchen at the mouth of Karen

"Him, you will not like!" Continues Gretchen he is Regina's ex, they were together in an entirely devoted and he broke up!

Then Karen had to break into:

"I thought she broke up with him," she says in surprise

"Anyway ..." says Gretchen Friends' former forbidden fruit, if you are feminst, I promise not to tell Regina, it will be our little secret!

"Yes .." Karen says assent

Cady thinks: I got no love for Aaron, but look at him ... and I was thinking about him ... and talk to him.

"Aaro ..." more he she not before a guy came up to her and says:

"You are African girl huh?" He says

"Yes" answer Cady Stressed

"I'm Kevin Gnapoor, math team captain," he continues

Now Cady knows that she just want to scream: okay okay, I can not keep up with it now! "

"We are competing in math against other schools," he says, and we would get twice as much support if we had a girl on the team "

"You'd be perfect" drop their young lady who heard what they said

"Sure," says Cady

When Cady is passing fottbolsplanen so she can see Aaron and shout hello to him and waving he does the same thing as Cady wave and say hi just as Aaron is on his way to her will Regina with his friends and his car and cried:
"We will jump in and go shopping"

Cady is forced to move away from Aaron, thinking Cady:

Regina is a Barbie doll I ever had.

When they are in galerian ask Regina Cady:

"What about school?"

"It's good, I'll go with the math team!"

"No no no, there would be social suicide." Regina says how lucky you have us to obey!

Cady shrugged and continued to go with the girls.

Mall reminded Cady on Africa, it was Renan ljungelkaoset.

"Oh my God!" Says Gretchen suddenly there is Jason ...

"He is connected with Taylor Wedell!" Kind way Karen

"No no!" Says Regina, he is not associated with Taylor, Naej, we do not accept you. What a bastard! Give me the phone. continues Regina

"You're not thinking to call him?" Says Gretchen uneasily

"I think you are stupid or what?" Says Regina iritterat

"Nah, no," says Gretchen

"Wedell on South Boulevard," says Regina on the phone.

Gretchen can not keep saying någt vapor Regina says quickly that it is anonymous when going through the switchboard.

"Hey," says Taylor Wedell mom on the phone

"Taylor Wedell, thank you," says Regina with a voice that is very well trained to look like a lady's voice.

"She is not home, who is it?"

"Family Planning" says Regina, I have her test results. Ask her to call, it is urgent.

"She is not associated with any" says Regina proud

"It was so fetch" says Gretchen

Regina, Cady, Gretchen and Karen goes home to Regina's house with her navy fleet car.

"Wow!! what good you live, "says Cady

"I know," says Regina and smiles

"I'm home -hey kyile" cried Regina when she entered the house, kyile is her little sister (who now stood frmaför TV and dancing.

Har skrivit på engelska elr ja  =) Hahahha

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Goodie! <333

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